Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool was requested by our children when we built the house. Its a lot bigger than most private pools in Antigua as they wanted to be able to jump in at th deep end. The pool evolved in to this stunning 32' by 18' pool with a seating re to the south side. It has gentle steps in to the pool making it easy to get in and out and for the smaller children to sit on. The shallow end of the pool is nearly 50% of its total and there is then a steep slope in to the deep end which is 8' deep. We advsie no diving from the deep end as the slope is steep and you could cause harm to yourself. However jumping is just as much fun.

It is not heated but is lovely and warm as the sun heats it during the day. No glass is permitted incase ofbreakages but we provide plastic glasses to use. 

We also built  ledge around the deep end to stand on so you can admire the view with a beer in your hand.

The deck is covered in travertine tiles which can become slippery if you run on them with wet feet but are ideal in the hot climate as they do not get too hot.

At night the lights are controlled by an App which will give you a log in to. Scan through the colours to find the light that love and then enjoy the pool at night too.

There is an outside loo for pool users to avoid going in the house wet too.